Managed DDoS Protected Dedicated Servers

Maximum DDoS Attack Protection for All Your Websites and Services

Protection 20 Gbps 30 Gbps 100 Gbps
Packets Per Second 12,000,000 PPS 18,000,000 PPS 30,000,000 PPS
Clean Traffic Included 100 Mbit/s unmetered 100 Mbit/s unmetered 100 Mbit/s unmetered
Server System Dell Dual Xeon L5520 Dell Dual Xeon L5520 Dell Dual Xeon L5520
RAM Included 24 GB DDR3 24 GB DDR3 24 GB DDR3
Disks Included 2 x 1 TB SATA3 2 x 1 TB SATA3 2 x 1 TB SATA3
Remote Console
Global Filtering Network
24×7 Managed Support
Server Location Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands
  • WooServers DDoS Protected dedicated servers have been designed with reliability and scalability in mind. You can upgrade your protection level at any time without server move. Our solution protects all services on your server from most types of DDoS Attacks, including IP malformed, ICMP flood, TCP SYN flood, TCP-malformed, UDP-malformed, ICMP smurf, SlowLoris, HTTP POST flood, HTTP Slow POST and others.
  • WooServers has placed filtering nodes in several places around the world, allowing us to absorb attacks of up to 100 Gbit/s and 120,000,000 PPS. Each request to your server passes through a Geo-distributed network of firewalls, which allows us to detect the origin of the attack and adjust filters to it if necessary.
  • WooServers DDoS protected dedicated servers are activated normally in less than 24 hours after your order. In most cases we work to make sure the server is activated within 12 hours of your order.
  • Whatever service can run on your server – it is protected:

    and everything else!

    No lag during filtering!


Could not find a package that suits your needs? We can create custom plans and provide protection of up to 500 Gbps!CONTACT US NOW

DDoS Attack
(example of a 50 Gbit/s DDoS attack on our client)

How does a DDoS attack look like?

Under a DDoS Attack your server becomes unresponsive due to an overuse of it’s resources, such as CPU, RAM and Network connection.

In order to stop a DDoS attack you would generally need to have resources greater than those of the attackers. Since this is usually impossible, it is best to employ a company like WooServers that has the available capacity to professionally mitigate DDoS attacks of any size.

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